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I think it’s so funny when people think Zayn gets tired of Louis like its so obvious that they are so so close HE LOVES LOUIS AND LOUIS LOVES ZAYN THEY ARE HONESTLY SO CODEPENDENT BYE

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sweater paws (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* - right now (8.29.13)



Dean Winchester used to have fun showers. Now it’s all intense and shit.

to be fair, the last time he had fun in the shower this happened


when did i get this fat



public schooling is a joke i mean you put 200 kids in each grade who are all different and need personalized education and classes and hate each other and you deprive them of using the restroom, eating when they get hungry, etc. and you expect them to be perfect students like no

private school is also a joke you do the exact same thing, make everything harder, and also charge money for it

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